Your pet will be covered for dental treatment as a result of an accident on Two Paws, Four Paws and Five Paws levels of cover, but any regular or illness related dentistry is excluded.

The claims excess is your contribution to the costs of treating your pet. For One Paw and Two Paws levels of cover, the excess will be £60 per condition. For all other policies, the excess will be £60 per condition, per policy year. Special note: In respect of pets aged 8 years or over at the time of the claim, a 15% co-payment will apply to the remaining claim for veterinary fees, special diet, complementary medicine and cruciate ligament claims after the excess has been deducted and for any claims for that condition thereafter. 

This is the amount you pay towards the veterinary fee claim for each condition. For all pets aged 8 years and older, the mandatory co-payment amount is 15%. This is in addition to the standard excess relevant to your policy. For example if you made a claim of £300, the initial excess of £60 would be deducted and you would then be required to pay 15% of the remaining £240 balance, which is £36. Therefore the total you would be required to pay towards the claim is £96.

We are aiming to process all claims within 4 weeks from receipt of all required information. Ensuring you and your vet have provided all relevant supporting information will help us to reduce handling times and speed up the assessing time.

We’re sorry for any stress or inconvenience this may cause you and we hope to return to our normal service levels very soon. Please do call us if you still need to discuss your claim with us or require any support in submitting a claim to us.

Thank you for your understanding.

We can pay you or the vet just let us know on the claim form section. You have the option of being paid by BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services) direct into your bank account, as long as the Direct Debit is being paid from your account. Direct payment can also be made by BACS to your vet if they wish, they just need to add their payment details to Section 2 of the claim form. Where details are not provided, payment will be made by cheque.

To protect our environment, all documentation is sent via email. When your policy renews, your renewal notice, along with your schedule of insurance and policy wording will be emailed to you 21 days before your renewal date.

If you would prefer to receive your documents via post please call us on 0330 102 5747.

If you do not receive your documentation, please check your spam or junk email as sometimes your internet security settings may divert them there. If they are not there then please call our friendly customer services team on 0330 102 5747.

You can cancel your policy at any time by calling us on 0330 102 5747. If you want to cancel in the first 14 days, providing you have not made a claim you will receive a full refund of your paid premium. If you want to cancel after this time then you will be charged for the time your pet has been insured.

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