How do I make a claim?

You can start your claim online through your own policy portal. Using your portal will enable you to track your claim and view any correspondence relating to your policy online.

If you decide not to start your claim through your policy portal, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and print a claim form.
  2. Your vet must complete and sign section 2 of the claim form.
  3. The named policyholder must then complete section 1 of the form and sign the appropriate sections.
  4. Please fill in all sections as any missing information may delay the claim decision.
  5. Your claim form should be returned to us with your pet’s medical history from the vets and originals of any invoices related to your pet's treatment.
  6. We can make the settlement to you or your veterinary surgery after applicable deductions such as your compulsory excess, any voluntary excess and any applicable co-insurance. This payment will end our liability in connection with the claim.
  7. You may wish to make a copy of any documents you send to us for your own records.

Post the signed claim form to us at the address below:

Paws and Claws Pet Insurance 
2nd Floor
5000 Lakeside
North Harbour
Western Rd

Alternatively you can email your claim form to:

If you require any assistance completing your claim form, please call us on 0330 102 5747

Is it free to make a claim through my policy portal?

Yes! This is a free service we offer so why not take advantage! Don't worry if you haven't signed up to your portal yet, as long as you have your policy number and a few personal details to hand you can register right away.

Terms and Conditions surrounding claims

There is a 14-day waiting period on the policy that applies to illness and a 48-hour waiting period for accidents. This means that no claims can be made for illness within the first 14-days of your policy start date or for accidents within the first 48-hours, and any conditions that begin within this period will not be covered. 

Can I complete and sign the claim form before the treatment has taken place?

No, the claim form will need to be signed and dated after the treatment has taken place. If we receive a claim form that has been signed and dated before the treatment end date, it will be necessary for us to follow our process and return the claim form to you which will result in unnecessary delays. The reasoning behind this is that you are signing to confirm that the treatment claimed for is correct. Further, although we are happy to accept direct claims from your vet, the claim form still needs to be signed AFTER the treatment has ended.

Still unsure?

Just give any of our wonderful in house team a call on 0330 102 5747 with any query you may have and we’ll be happy to help!

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