Labradors are top pet for ‘needy’ millennials

Labradors are top pet for ‘needy’ millennials

It’s official, dogs really are a millennials best friend according to pet insurance specialist, Paws and Claws. Stats from Paws and Claws show that the demographic make up 25% of its customer database and that a whopping 65% own a dog, with a Labrador being their top choice of pet.

 “Millennials famously need reassurance and affection so it’s no wonder they are dog ‘devotees’” said Elizabeth Mills, Paws and Claws Brand Manager. “Pets are so wonderful and dogs in particular give us unconditional love and special companionship. It’s no surprise that canines are popular with Millennials as surveys have shown that they make owners happier and less stressed.”  

Spaniels were second favourite, with Pugs taking third place. The data was released in conjunction with the launch of Paws and Claws new website and its free 24 Hour Vet Helpline. Available online or via a phone, the service offers an outlet for all queries regarding customers pet’s health. The line offers help and advice on a whole range topics from feeding and nutrition to responsible pet ownership, travelling tips and post-operative advice.

Elizabeth Mills, added “With many Millennials waiting longer to buy a house or have children, it’s great to see that they are still embracing being dog owners. It’s vital for dogs and owners that they have all the information they need to look after their beloved pet and our new service allows us to give our customers the instant interaction they crave, as well as peace of mind at a time when emotions run high.

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