Keep your pet cosy while being energy efficient

Keep your pet cosy while being energy efficient

Almost three in four pet owners in the UK (72%) say they leave the heating on just for their pets when they leave the house.

With figures from veterinary charity PDSA showing that there are 11.1 million cats and 8.9 million dogs living in UK households, that's a lot of houses with the heating on when no humans are home.

Pet owners also confessed to other energy-hungry habits including leaving the lights, TV and/or radio on for their pets.

E.ON recently teamed up with animal expert Chris Packham to share top tips for keeping your pet cosy during the winter, without using lots of energy at home.

Firstly, think about where you put your pet's bed. Bear in mind that at floor level there may be draughts you aren't aware of which could make them cold or uncomfortable. Be sure to draught proof any unwanted gaps which let cold air into your home and let heat escape. Kneel on the floor so you can check it out from their perspective and move the bed if you need to.

For winter walkies, get your dog a good quality coat that is wind and waterproof.

A smart thermostat allows you to control and monitor your heating from anywhere, using your smartphone. As well as allowing you to set the right temperature for your pet, this will help make sure you only have the heating on when you need it.

On cold days, food straight out of the fridge won't be very appetising. Warm your pet's meals up to ensure the food is at room temperature before feeding.

If you're out all day, choose one room where it's suitable for your pet to spend the day -- with food, water and a comfortable bed. That way, rather than heating the whole house to keep them warm, you can keep the radiator on near their cosy corner with the door closed.

"As a nation of animal lovers, keeping our pets happy is a top priority for many Brits -- and making sure your home is snug is one quick way to do so," Chris Packham said. "And with some small simple changes, you can save money, lessen your impact on the planet and keep your all-important pet happy."

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